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Rental Returns


Questions about Rental Returns: 

Q: When are my Fall rental books due?
A: December 16,

Q: Where can I drop-off my rental books?
A: Bring your rentals to the bookstore by checking them in with the cashier or placing them in the rental return book drop inside the BBC to the left of the bookstore entrance. Non-rental books will not be returned. 

Q: Can I ship my rental books back?
A: Yes.

Mail to:  
Bookstore Rental Return
Trinity Christian College

6601 W. College Drive
Palos Heights, IL  60463
The renter is responsible for shipping. 
*Packages must be at the store by the semesters due date to avoid late fees.


Q: I received a bill from the bookstore for my rental books. I still have my books; can I return them now? 
A: Unfortunately, no. When receiving a bill; rental charges have been processed and no refunds will be given. The charge covers the cost of the bookstore purchasing a replacement for that book. The book(s) are yours to keep. You can sell your book according to our buyback policy. 

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