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Rental Agreement



  • All rented textbooks are property of Trinity Christian College
  • Fees are charged for rental, not purchase
  • Students should limit highlighting and/or writing
  • No water damage is allowed
  • All rental textbooks are to be returned during finals week at the end of the term buyback.  Dates and times will be posted on our bookstore homepage,   Adult Studies students should return two weeks after the course has ended.  A schedule is found under the discipline under Adult Studies.
  • Books can be returned to the Book Drop outside of the Bookstore entrance inside of the Bootsma Bookstore Cafe building.
  • Books not returned or damaged will be charged to the student account or the collateral credit card for replacement.
  • Processing a rental transaction via our website indicates you have read the agreement and agree to the conditions placed on usage of rental textbooks. 
  • When enrolling in the Adult Studies program, you agree to follow and abide by the terms as outlined above in the Rental Agreement.