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What Is A Rental?

-The rented textbooks are property of Trinity Christian College Bookstore. The student bears the responsibility for the return of the rented materials in a salable condition. An unsalable condition includes water damage, excessive wear and missing pages. Limited highlighting and writing in the rented textbooks is permitted.

How do I know when the book is due?
-The rental books are due two weeks after the course is completed.   This will give extra time, if needed, for homework assignments, etc.    There is a listing of when your rentals are due under the discipline in Adult Studies.  

Where do I bring the book for the return?

- The rental books can be returned in the book drop outside of the bookstore entrance inside of the Bootsma Bookstore Cafe building.    The building is open most evenings until 11 pm for your convenience.   

Can I Purchase My Rented Textbook?

-Yes. If you decide you would like to keep your rented textbook you may opt to purchase said book.  Please contact the bookstore staff for details.

What Happens If I Drop A Course?

-If you drop a course please return your rented textbooks immediately. Failure to return your textbooks will result in replacement charges on your account.

What If I Return My Textbook After the Due Date?

-If you return the textbook after the return due date, the textbook is your to keep. Per your rental agreement, failure to return the textbook by the assigned due date will result in charges on your account for the full cost of a replacement textbook.  If an issue arises and you need additional time, please contact the bookstore.  

What If I am Unable to Make It To The Bookstore During Scheduled Pick Up Times?

- If you are unable to make it during pick up week, there are other options. Those options include; picking up your textbooks at the Boosktore during normal business hours from 9-4:30, you may have someone stop in and pick up your textbooks on your behalf or you may call the Bookstore to arrange to have the textbooks mailed to your home  (at your expense)