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Adult Studies


Recently you were notified that the cost of the textbooks are no longer included in your tuition.   This change will take place for the fall 2019 term.   The books that you are now receiving for the summer term, are still bound by the rental agreements from the program.   Due dates are listed on our webpage under ADULT STUDIES on the left hand side of the home page,     Please check the webpage for any questions you may have or you can contact the bookstore directly at 708-239-4702.   Below are some questions you may have regarding this change.

 What will this mean for the students in the adult programs?   You will now be responsible for obtaining your textbooks on your own.   You can purchase and/or rent from Trinity Christian College, or you can do so from any other source.    The bookstore will not automatically be packaging and shipping out your required materials. 

 How will I know what I need for the course?   All of the textbook information will be posted on our webpage,     Follow the prompts starting by clicking on “Find Textbooks,” click on your term (fall, summer, spring), and the course and then the section that you are enrolled in.    The information will show you what book, and what the cost is to purchase or rent the titles.    You can add them to your cart and check out, or take that information to use wherever you desire.    

You can rent/purchase them all at one time for each semester, or as your class is ready to begin.   We can ship them to you or you can pick them up in the store. 

This information is also available directly thru your student portal.

 How much does the purchase and/or rental fees cost and what kind of payment will be required for the purchase and/or rental fee?  The cost of the books will vary.   All pricing, including new, used and rental are shown on the webpage.   Students that have extra grant, loan or scholarship money may be approved for adding these charges to your student account.   However, we will need to get approval from the business office.

 Will the rental time frame change from what it was in the adult studies program?   Yes, the rental parameters will change.  Instead of returning the book at the end of each course the rental terms will go to the end of each semester.       There will be a date on your receipt stating the rental return date. This information will also be available on our webpage.   Please note there will not be any extension after that time frame.    You still are able to return them as you are finished with the class, we just will not expect them back before the end of the semester.    Typically this well mean the last day of the traditional exam week.   For classes that extend beyond that time frame, adjustments will be made.

Please check back for other changes that will happen soon!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Phone:   708-239-4702